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Signature Programs 

Our signature programs give students a deep dive into an array of experiences, allowing them to live and breathe specific areas of focus. Signature programs help shape our students into well-rounded young adults, and may even inspire students' future career pathways. 


EARTH / Aquaponics

Born out of a partnership with Iowa State University, whose students maintain their own garden at our Upper Campus, the Education and Resiliency Through Horticulture program allows students to cultivate a relationship with nature from the age of 2, when they plant and care for their own Early Learning Center garden. Throughout their time at GHS, students are exposed to many facets of agriculture including aquaponics, vermiculture, composting, and pollinators. Upper Campus students delve further, exploring topics like technology with our FarmBot, growth cycles and pest control measures with the on-campus Iowa State University garden, and chemistry and the farm-to-table movement with our aquaponics system. These programs teach students to eat healthy foods and be self-sufficient while reinforcing our connection with nature and how the choices we make impact our sustainability.

Culinary 2022.jpg


Upper Campus students learn the art of cooking in our own professional kitchen through experiences like preparing the daily school snack for our 200-plus students. Culinary students explore other cultures by learning about and preparing recipes from other parts of the world, express their creativity through cake and cookie decorating, and prepare delicious dishes for important school events like our annual auction.


ELC Spanish Immersion 

Spanish is paired with subjects like art, music, movement, and the EARTH program, giving our youngest learners a head start in the second most spoken language in the U.S. and in the Virgin Islands. 

Minimester 2022.jpg

Minimesters / STEAM week

Twice a year, Upper Campus students spend a full week of immersion in the activity of their choosing. They explore their creativity by crocheting or learning to upcycle, or get active with surfing lessons or kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and snorkeling in our stunning Virgin Islands National Park. Students can opt to lend a hand by volunteering at various on-island organizations, or build their business savvy by learning entrepreneurial skills from island business owners. Students often cite this program as the most meaningful, memorable experience of their GHS education. 

Roseway .2.jpg


Perhaps the most impactful of our signature programs, students will tell you that their week aboard the sailing training vessel Roseway is a life-changing experience. Eighth graders learn the ins and outs of sailing and navigating while plying the waters around the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. They work hard and return home with captivating stories of the challenges they collectively faced and overcame.

GHS Give back 2022.jpg

GHS Gives Back 

This is a fun, memorable day during which every one of our students and faculty members participate in giving back to the community that supports our school so generously. From hosting a bake sale fundraiser for the Animal Care Center of St. John to washing fire trucks to spending time with community elders over tea, this program honors our school's ethos of giving by teaching our students from a very young age just how good it feels to give. 

STJ Broadway GHS.jpg

Broadway Comes to St John 

All St. John fourth graders are treated to this wonderful opportunity courtesy of the St. John School of the Arts. Each year, experienced Broadway actors work with island fourth graders on the production of a play, which the students then perform for friends, family, and community members. It's a special experience that allows students from all schools to come together and explore their creative side with the help of seasoned experts. 

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