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Writing on the Board

45 Years


Cultivating curious minds and caring hearts

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Gifft Hill School offers our island community an inclusive, experiential education that sees each child as an individual and inspires each to excel.


We support and challenge our students to approach complex problems resourcefully, to understand and advocate for the environment, and to honor the culture and history of Caribbean peoples.


Our graduates are resilient, caring community leaders at home and abroad.



Gifft Hill School honors the history and heritage of our community and welcomes those who seek to join us in discovering and celebrating who we are individually, and who we can be together. GHS is committed to building and maintaining a diverse community, one that encourages respectful discourse and the sharing of each individual’s unique experiences and perspectives.


At Gifft Hill School, we value innovation and creativity; community and sustainability; and diversity and equity. We are committed to a vision of learning that isn’t as much about reciting a list of facts and figures, as it is about applying knowledge and skills to solve modern problems.


Imagine the possibilities for children educated in a school where engineering programs start in kindergarten, where teachers use technology to stretch their students’ horizons, and mindfulness grounds them in a foundation of emotional and physical resilience. Where the “classrooms” are just as likely to be underwater, on a trail, in a garden, or in a university laboratory as they are within the school building.


Imagine the impact on a community of a school that partners with local businesses to offer registered apprenticeship programs and micro-credentialing opportunities in high demand fields of the future like green energy, agribusiness, and information technology, as well as in traditional industries that honor our roots.


Imagine the potential for the territory of utilizing Gifft Hill School facilities, the talent of local and visiting experts, and the natural resources of our island, to offer credit-bearing courses for visiting students, professional development workshops and conferences, and learning vacations and camps for tourists during the summer months.


Every year, Gifft Hill School graduates compassionate, capable, confident students who attend some of the best colleges, universities, and technical schools in the country, and who become the innovators, designers, and doers we need.


As you explore our website, I invite you to join me in celebrating the many ways Gifft Hill School breathes life into our mission, and the way education can look and feel for children, and for the community that chooses to invest in them.

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Liz Kinsella

Head of School

Welcome to our school on

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands