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Gifft Hill School Welcome Liz Kinsella as New Head of School


Mar 20, 2023

Gifft Hill School welcomes a new Head of School, Liz Kinsella for the 2022 schoolyear.

Dear Gifft Hill School community,  

We are excited to inform you today that our very own Associate Head of School Liz Kinsella has been selected as our new Head of School. She will rise to this position when current Head of School Ken Mills departs on June 30, 2022.  

Liz has been with Gifft Hill since 2010 and during her decade-plus tenure, she’s worked as a teacher, middle school dean, upper campus principal, curriculum director, and associate head of school. Her dedication to Gifft Hill and to the St. John community at large is proven.  

“Students and families are very much at the heart of what drives this school,” Liz said. “Maybe I’ll have my nametag on the outside of a different door, but I’m still here for the relationships with our families that I’ve established over the years. At the beginning and end of the day, that is my reason for doing this job.”  

The Board of Trustees is confident that our vision for GHS and Liz’s own ambitions for the school’s next steps are in alignment, and we are committed to collaborative efforts that honor the voices of all Gifft Hill stakeholders.  

Congratulations, Liz!  

Best regards, 

Ruth Alden DoanPresident,

Gifft Hill School Board of Trustees

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